Orca HiColor

Product:Orca HiColor
USD $133.99

※The frame is constructed from French-made Arkema G850 (Bio-based Plastic), which reduces carbon emissions by more than 46% compared to traditional petrochemical-based plastic frames. BPA and BPS-free products promote a healthy environment and a sustainable earth.


Product Features:
1. High Performance: Applied with the sturdiest Arkema G850 to combine our ultra-protective PC lens, meanwhile, all fancy colors would satisfy you in style.
2. CVS™: Compressed Venting System increase fog repelling
3. ErgoGrip™: Adjustable nose pads
4. Interchangable: Mutiple lens colors to choose from
5. CRx™: Prescription customization available.
Available in prescriptions of +2.00 ~-8.00
6. HiColor™: Unprecedented Visual Experience.
    □ Sharpness: Sharpened vision / Highlighted Vividness
    □ Recognition: Color utilization.
    □ Agility: Instant responsiveness.
    □ Healthiness: UV / HEV420 Blocker.
    □ Light regulator: Regulation of light at suitable amount.
    □ Confidence: Upgraded concentration and acuity.

BioGreen G850
Frame Color
Matte White
Lens Color
HC Violet Green / Cylinder Lens
Cat.What is Cat.
Custom Sport RxSph. + Cyl
+2.0 to -8.0D
Adult,Teenage/Narrow Face
Depending on the occasion, time of day, and function, you can easily change the lenses.
ErgoGrip™ System
ErgoGrip™ Padding for the nose, head straps, and other accessories. 720armour’s ErgoGrip™ Padding for nose pieces, head straps and other accessories is hypoallergenic, offering protection against sweat and foreign objects while reducing shock and pressure, preventing frame warping.
Edge Venting System
The revolutionary Edge Venting System uses innovative exhaust vents to lenses and frames to facilitate better airflow, preventing fogging to maintain clear vision.
Double Impact Polycarbonate Lens
Double Impact Polycarbonate (DPC) lenses are treated with the same Silicone Crystal Film (SiO2) technology used in the construction of airplanes and bullet-proof windows for double the impact protection of typical polycarbonate lenses. Super thin, they are light and pliable, blocking out UV rays completely and guarding against high- and low-speed impacts.
Light Enhancing System
The core of our Light Enhancing System (LES) is a multi-coating technology developed by NASA in which thin films of titanium-silicon nano particles are applied. The laminate provides layer upon layer of anti-glare, high-impact reinforcement and water-shedding properties while filtering out harsh UV rays for picture-perfect vision.
All 720armour lenses are treated with a special silicon-based anti-scratch coating on both sides to minimize even fine hairline scratches and extend the life of your finely-crafted glasses even after prolonged exposure to harsh conditions.
Our AR Multi-layer System uses a 7-layer protective film that delivers the best quality light frequencies to the retina, eliminating distracting rear and peripheral glare for max visual acuity.
Super Hydrophobic Water Repellent Treatment Lens
Super Hydrophobic Coating (SHC) smoothes away micro pores on the lens surface to shed even little droplets, reduce static build-up, and make cleaning easier.