In the end of 2009, we’re waving away those sorrows and bitterness and welcoming the new, hopeful 2010. During this period every year, the renowned design award, iF, judges and selects out good designs from thousands of applicants. Recently, the judge team of the award just made its decision. This year, there were total 2486 products from 1016 contestants submitted from 39 different countries to win the award. And the winners? The 2010 iF Product Design Award goes to 778 products. 720 is very pleased and feels honored to announce that its new eyewear design, Shark (Model No. T935) is one of the winners.

Shark began by addressing the technological needs of water-sports enthusiasts. They are the world’s first pair of water-sports sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, utilizing 720’s patented FlipTop™ system to make lens changing easily. These polarized impact resistant lenses cut glare so optical performance is enhanced by eliminating off-axis prismatic mistakes. For the frame, the patented CVS™ venting system was built in to allow proper airflow and prevent fogging. Finally, water is prevented from obstructing vision due to a seal created with the rubber upper-bridge and an adjustable strap which strengthens the seal and prevents loss.

A good design can make something more valuable to owners and users. Shark not only represents a good design but also stands for a Taiwan-based eyewear supplier who shows its design strength internationally. The 2010 iF Product Design Award means to 720armour a good start for year 2010.

Everything goes to an end. Let bygones be bygones. Make a wish to welcome the coming 2010. We wish you a wonderful time and a good start as soon as 2010 arrives.